Collezione Lu mari - Piatti in ceramica Ionio
Collezione Lu mari - Piatti in ceramica Ionio
Collezione Lu mari - Piatti in ceramica Ionio
Collezione Lu mari - Piatti in ceramica Ionio
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Because the sea surrounds Sicily, we have decided to dedicate these sets of Caltagirone ceramic plates to our Mediterranean.
A sea that has been, for centuries, a crossroads of peoples and traditions and that has forged the culture of the island par excellence: Trinacria. A land of myths, exquisite cuisine and colorful majolica. Fishes, birds, fantastic characters intertwine in our plates entirely hand made in our ceramic workshops in Caltagirone. Fantastic figures who tell the thousand stories which, from Spain to Turkey - always with Sicily at the center - have enriched the popular tales of the people of the Mediterranean.
Colored with copper green, the most typical color of Caltagirone ceramics, they have the shape of the ‘fangotto’, a special ceramic plate that has never been lacking in Sicilian and Caltagirone homes - very useful for preparing the 'astrattu' a tomato paste, left to dry at the Sun, as if to be a sharing plate to bring to the table.
Our Caltagirone ceramics, our Caltagirone plates, are made on potter wheels. The skilled hands of our ceramists, who for centuries have been modeling and creating one of the most famous ceramics in the world, paint every detail with precision to bring to the table a concentrate of our Caltagirone, its ceramics and our Sicily.

Ionio Dinner Plates Collection - Sicilia


Ionio Dinner Plates
Ionio Soup Plates Collection - Sicilia


Ionio Soup Plates
Ionio Dessert Plates Collection - Sicilia
Ionio Dessert Plates


Ionio bowl Collection - Sicilia


Ionio Bowl

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