Collezion 2017



The legend says that in the Kalsa, an Arabic district of Palermo, lived a beautiful maiden who spent her days taking care of the flowers she cultivated in her garden. One day, a young dark-skinned boy, a moor noticed her while she looked after her plants and he desperately fell in love with her. After declaring immediately his love the young maiden, struck by his daring, returned his feelings. Unfortunately, the mysterious stranger was already married. And as our Sicilian Judith found out that her beloved wanted to return to his bride in the Orient, she waited for the night to come and cut off his head, making it become a flower pot. She planted basil in this special vase and put it out on the balcony for everyone to see. The basil, watered by the maiden’s tears, grew luxuriantly and the inhabitants of the Kalsa, not to be outdone, had their own earthenware vases in the shape of an oriental head (they called them Teste di moro) manufactured for them.


Like tradition dictates, our heads, our Teste di moro portray a splendid moor full of pride,
elegance and mystery, like so many things that refer to the Orient. A tribute to the people who
laid the foundation of the art pottery that the residents of Caltagirone have perfected and made unique.
We did not choose an ordinary head but the representation of one of the greatest sultans of the Orient: Suleiman the Magnificent.
The sultan of Crita, like the real one portrayed in various depictions, is deprived of every tinsel and decoration
in order to highlight solely the beauty of the face and the brightness and power of the colors.
Entirely handmade, his expression is intelligently shaped to express distinction, wisdom and mystery.
The colors are as powerful as those of the Sicilian landscape:

the blue of the sea, the red of the lava and the yellow-tones of the soil.

The creative process, from modeling to firing, makes sure that no piece will ever be identical to the
previous one, making it in all but name unique. Like every piece of art our Solimano is the fruit of
the hands that mold it and therefore we can say that every single Solimano of Crita possesses,
like everyone of us, characteristics that make it unique.