Collezione 2017



Yes, we have given human aspects, faculties and characteristics to our vases! This is to symbolize the energy of the material that takes shape and is moulded to become a living element. It all begins with a simple piece of clay. In a ménage à trois in which pottery wheel, earth and the hands of our craftsman merge to elevate the red clay. Our vases want to see, to smell, to taste. Whether you put in flowers, branches, leaves or roots, our vertical sculptures want to be more than simple containers, they want to become pleasure-seeking guardians.



A naso, Coi baffi, Al bacio, A occhio;

Nose, moustache, kiss and ear: these are the names of our vases. And like every single one of us carries a

name, also the vases of Crita possess their own appellatives.

They are a clear reference to our senses which we use to evaluate, appreciate and enjoy the world around us.

It is our senses that guide us, that render us participants by allowing us to perceive and that contribute to happiness and beauty.

And you, which sense makes you happy?