An old lady lying between the ground and the clouds, wondering about a millennial history that has forged her appearance and character. Caltagirone stands on three hills, clay-like bowels that Greeks and Arabs learned to make the most of into what today is universally known as one of the most important ceramic centers of Italy. Caltagirone history traces back to very antique times, a history of centuries and centuries of ceramic tradition that has now further innovated drawing from that wonderful crossroad of cultures and experiences we are located in: Sicily.

A little Greek, a little Arab, with a Byzantine touch and some Hispanic hues, this is our city. Our ceramics remain, however, completely and deeply Sicilian. In fact, artisans and visionaries of this city, with their creativity and mastery - melting, robbing and becoming masters of the matter - gave birth to this extraordinary cultural heritage represented nowadays by the ceramics of Caltagirone. This perpetual stream of change and fusion has and will never cease, this is why Crita proposes its very own view on this autrian-sicilian crockery. A statement of love made of clay.