Crita is the Sicilian name for clay. Crita like the land that saw us being born and that made us all fall in love. Crita - with a well-rolled R - like clay that becomes the indispensable raw material for our products, was born from the idea of a group of friends, Davide and Livio, Sicilians by birth, and Matthias, Austrian but Sicilian for love. Crita took off from our idea and desire to experience new aesthetic forms tracing them back to the tradition of a city whose name, alone, harbors the power to evoke pottery wheels, bright colors, sinuous lines and Teste di moro: the city of Caltagirone.

Millennial mastery in forging vibrant and evocative objects that one can breathe in - in every corner of the city - are at the base of every single piece in our collection. What we have decided to do is to offer, with humility and venture, a more cosmopolitan and contemporary vision, enriching tradition, if possible, with our globetrotter experiences.

We got rid of frills and the superfluous, a kind of monastic ascent of the object, to emphasize shape, color and essence of these artifacts. As if the Sicilian baroque spirit and the restless southern soul wanted to meet and merge with the linearity and simplicity of the north, into a collective embrace with Europe, its history and its peoples.




Livio Rizzo

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Davide Filia

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Matthias Scheiber

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